2014 UN-Water Annual International Zaragoza Conference. Preparing for World Water Day 2014: Partnerships for improving water and energy access, efficiency and sustainability. 13-16 January 2014

Interviewing Pol Adarve, Abengoa

Pol Adarve is Director of the Strategic Relations Department, Abeinsa Business Development, Abengoa.

Pol Adarve "The main lesson that has to be learnt is the possibility to join efforts in order to deliver better solutions".

What are your expectations on the Zaragoza Conference on partnership for improving Water and Energy (W&E) efficiency and sustainability?
It is a great opportunity to learn about new factors or mechanisms to be more efficient in the consumption of Water and Energy through successful partnerships. It is always interesting to identify and meet people and organizations that take part in this kind of initiatives, as they might be potential collaborators in the future.

Why are partnerships for improving Water and Energy (W&E) efficiency, sustainability and access to water and energy an important theme for Abengoa?
Abengoa vision is to be a world reference in the development of innovative technology solutions for sustainability, and we are always looking for new ways that enable us to add value to our projects. The establishment of partnerships is nowadays a requirement for developing complex projects. If all the players of the partnership have the same efficiency and sustainability objectives, the results will be in line.

What are some challenges and opportunities for your business in relation to the energy and water nexus?
The growing demand of Energy and Water and the high dependence of these resources are immense challenges in front of us. Abengoa specializes in energy and environment sectors; therefore the synergy between both sectors locates us in a privilege position to deliver innovative technology solutions for sustainability. Two examples of the challenges we find are the energy availability issues for energy production in arid areas such as MENA region, and in countries such as Brazil the concern may by the water availability for energy production since the main energy resource in hydropower.

Lessons that can be learnt from effective partnerships between the energy and water stakeholders on the energy-water nexus: Sharing and integrating knowledge and expertise?
The main lesson that has to be learnt is the possibility to join efforts in order to deliver better solutions. The creation of effective partnerships between the private and public sector facilitates the achievement of the aim when creating new infrastructure projects: to improve the quality of life.

How can this Zaragoza Conference in your opinion contribute to improving the nexus of W&E?
The knowledge share and the willingness to advance in the same direction will definitely contribute to strength the nexus of W&E.