UNW-DPAC thematic video series


Bringing the las Piñas-Zapote River in The Philippines back to life.

Bringing the las Piñas-Zapote River in The Philippines back to life

March 2014. The Philippines

The 'Las Piñas-Zapote River System Rehabilitation Program' in The Philippines, won the category 1 'Best water management practices' 1st edition of 'Water for Life' UN-Water Best Practices Award. This video introduces the initiative which, implemented by the Villar Foundation, has succeeded in bringing Las Piñas-Zapote River and its tributaries back to life, allowing wealth generation from waste that once polluted the river and creating work and housing for a population that used to live in shacks.


Water: our life, our futureWater: our life, our future
The Municipality of eThekwini, Durban, South Africa, won the category 2 'Best participatory, communication, awareness-raising and education practice' 1st edition of 'Water for Life' UN-Water Best Practices Award with the initiative 'A Participatory and Learning Based Approach to Raising Awareness on Water and Sanitation'. This video presents the different components of the initiative and explains what worked and what didn't when trying to improve access to clean water and sanitation in the municipality.

Waterborne diseases in humanitarian crisisWaterborne diseases in humanitarian crisis
When a humanitarian crisis strikes, affected populations face very important WASH (water, sanitation and hygiene) related challenges. This video, produced by UNW-DPAC and the Spanish Society of Humanitarian Medicine (SEMHU), describes these challenges and interventions needed. The video also shows the case of Haiti and water and sanitation challenges suffered by the population after the 2010 earthquake.


Water for Life, the urban challenge Lake Victoria. Lake Victoria
Worldwide, a staggering 90% of wastewater in developing countries is discharged untreated, polluting de world's rivers, lakes and seas. The impacts of bad sanitation on human and ecosystem health in the Lake Victoria region are shown in this video together with concerted actions implemented in Kampala, Uganda, to reverse these conditions.


Bhutan, Tsunami from the Sky Bhutan, Tsunami from the Sky
In Bhutan, Himalayan glaciers are melting due to climate change, with lakes forming within the glaciers. Some of these glacier lakes are in imminent danger of bursting. This documentary explores the possible impacts on local livelihoods and adaptation measures being carried out in the region.