Sustainable Water Management in Cities.

Sustainable Water Management in Cities: Engaging stakeholders for effective change and action. 13-17 December 2010. Zaragoza, Spain

Key questions

Some of the key questions addressed by this four day conference were:

  • Day 1: Presentation of city experiences (Belo Horizonte, Lódz, Zaragoza and others). What is sustainable urban water management? How far are we away from it? How do the challenges differ between cities? How can we learn from each other?
  • Day 2: Tools and approaches. What have we learnt about specific tools and approaches? What are the positive and negative lessons from the SWITCH experience? How do we specifically engage the marginalized groups to constructive effect?
  • Day 3: The practical politics of changing to sustainable urban water management; how does it happen? How can it be promoted?
  • Day 4: What has been and is the role of the media in water policy changes in cities and what can we learn from the media? Are the media of help for the city experts in implementing reforms or do they serve polemics? How can the media become partners for the city experts in times of reforms and changes?

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