Sustainable Water Management in Cities.

Sustainable Water Management in Cities: Engaging stakeholders for effective change and action. 13-17 December 2010. Zaragoza, Spain

Field visits | The Water Tour

Optional technical visit organized by the Zaragoza City Council on Monday 13 December 2010 from 09.30.

9.30 Participants picked up at their hotels

10.00 Welcome by the Water Cycle councilor, Ms. Lola Campos, at the Casablanca Water Treatment Plant

10.10 Presentation: Action Policy of the Water Cycle Municipal Board.
Presentation: Landscape interventions in the Ebro River in Expo2008: Mr. Francisco Pellicer, Deputy Manager of Operations Department of Expo2008

11.00 Visit to the Treatment Plant

11.30 Visit to Expo site and Ebro Riverside

12.30 Guided visit to Wastewater Treatment Plant

14.00 Snack lunch

15.30 Return to hotels

Landscape interventions in the Ebro River

ZaragozaView of the city of Zaragoza (Juan Bautista Martínez del Mazo, 1647)

Landscape interventions in the Ebro River are based on the idealistic view of people enjoying the landscape and the river.

water tour lighting of the riversideLighting of the riverside

Lighting of the riverside allows people to enjoy the Ebro river walkway longer, especially during summertime.

Leisure spacesLeisure spaces

Leisure spaces motivate people to engage in recreational activities next to the riverside.

bicycle wayBicycle way

Bicycle ways have improved urban mobility within the city.

Casablanca Water Treatment Plant

Casablanca's water storage facilitiesCasablanca's water storage facilities

Improvements of the city's water storage facilities, which are 90 years old, have reduced water losses in 4 million cubic meters per year. This has been the most rewarding contribution to the Water Quality and Water Supply System Management Plan of Zaragoza.

New water storage facilitiesNew water storage facilities

New water storage facilities have been built near the water purification plant to receive water from the Pyrenees. With this, water salinity has been reduced by 68% and its treatment generates 65% less trihalomethanes.

Water pipes bringing water from the pyreneesWater pipes bringing water from the Pyrenees

Water pipes bringing water from the Pyrenees allow that 70% of the population of Aragon benefit of good drinking-water quality. This has also allowed reducing significantly the amount of chemical products needed for water purification.

Wastewater Treatment Plant of La CartujaWastewater Treatment Plant of La Cartuja

The Wastewater Treatment Plant of La Cartuja has a treatment capacity of 4.5 cubic meters per second and has been built with the environment in mind in order to minimize its impact. The plant also applies tertiary treatment for the elimination of phosphorous.

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