Sustainable Water Management in Cities.

Sustainable Water Management in Cities: Engaging stakeholders for effective change and action. 13-17 December 2010. Zaragoza, Spain

Facts and figures

Facts and Figures Facts and figures: A snapshot [PDF document - 436 KB]
Every second, the urban population grows by 2 people. 27% of the urban population in the developing world does not have piped water in its house. 794 million of city residents live without access to improved sanitation facilities… This factsheet provides you some basic figures to illustrate the scale of the water and sanitation challenges in cities.

Water and Cities Facts and Figures Facts and figures [PDF document - 162 KB]
Rapid urbanisation brings along several challenges related to water quality issues and sanitation. One out of four urban dwellers does not have access to improved sanitation facilities. 90% of all waste water in developing countries is discharged untreated, polluting rivers, lakes and seas. How cities are coping with these challenges?

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