Sustainable Water Management in Cities.

Sustainable Water Management in Cities: Engaging stakeholders for effective change and action. 13-17 December 2010. Zaragoza, Spain

Expected outcomes

The expected outcomes of the Conference were:

  • Documented, and shared, case studies that illustrate stakeholder engagement, participatory approaches, communication and information practices and pro-poor policies for sustainable water management in cities
  • Recommendations on specific actions to improve sustainable water management in the cities represented
  • Proceedings of the conference capturing the main debates and discussions. These will include shared lessons on pro-poor policies in urban water management of specific cities and their contribution to the MDGs, recommendations from political representatives and stakeholders on key lessons about how to improve water management in cities and overcome problems, guidelines and recommendations for engagement with the media, and identification of priority gaps in the evidence-base and types of research needed by key implementing agencies
  • A policy brief summarizing the main issues, debates and outcomes and circulated to all participants.

The conference outcomes were used as inputs to the World Water Day 2011.

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