You make the Decade!

All around the world, activities and initiatives are actively building the Water for Life Decade campaign. The Decade takes place everywhere around the world with as many actors as possible involved – no matter whether individuals or organizations. Their ideas, YOUR ideas, activities and initiatives are welcomed and needed as part of the Water for Life Decade family!

Facing the challenge to focus attention on action-oriented activities and policies that ensure and achieve the Water for Life Decade goals, it needs sustained commitment, cooperation and investment from stakeholders from all parts of the world.

Since 2005, the logo of the Decade has been supporting all kind of activities you organize in the spirit of the 'Water for Life' Decade. Between 2005 and 2012 the 'Water for Life' Decade logo has been requested to support around 160 different types of initiatives and projects from a diverse range of stakeholders around the world.

The majority of the logo requests received have been sent by educational projects (e.g. teaching the topic of water in schools under different forms) with public awareness scope (artistic exhibitions or expos, brochures, installment of technical devices in restrooms etc.).

Graphic logo use by type of activity

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If you are interested in using the Water for Life Decade logo for your projects and activities, you can register through the Logo section of this website.

Geographical distribution

The logo has been requested on international basis with the majority of requests from Europe (40%), Northern America (32%) and the Asia, Pacific and Oceania region (19%).

Graphic Geographical distribution of logo use

Type of activities and actors

Educational activities are at the core of the Water for Life Decade logo users, with the civil society as the main group requesting the logo.

The activities for which the logo has been requested range from conferences/meetings and exhibitions, media coverage and publications, advocacy and website use to business exercise.

Besides civil society organizations, requests have been sent by academic organizations, governments, the UN system, religious groups and business organizations and entities, but also by individuals.

Graphic logo use by type of actor
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