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Welcome to the International Decade for Action "Water for Life" 2005-2015 section specially designed for you. The Water Decade offers the opportunity for everyone to learn and get involved on water issues.

In this section you will find different resources (games, videos, tales, etc.) that can help you to learn more about water and inspire you and those around you to take action. We also hope you will share your work with us so that we can also learn from you.

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Watch for water!

H2Ooooh! video series
Holly, Pio, Moby, Diva, Nameless and Top Hat are always ready to embark on exciting adventures, making lots of new friends along the way and learning interesting facts on water

Let's play!

Toilet Trek
Some of us take access to a safe, clean toilet for granted. For much of the world, it’s struggle every time they have to find a place to go. Experience the struggle firsthand!

World Wash Up
Handwashing with soap and proper sanitation are critical for good health. 2.5 billion people around the world do not have access to adequate sanitation and many people do not wash their hands after going to the toilets or before preparing food. Help make the world a cleaner place by washing away the germs and passing the message along!

Stop Disasters Game
Your role in this game is to plan and construct a safer environment for your population. You must assess the disaster risk and try to limit the damage when a natural hazard strikes. Help us to reduce the bad consequences from flooding or from a hurricane!

Water Quiz of the UN Cyberschoolbus
What's your best score? Complete this water quiz and discover how much you really know about water.

2013 is the International Year of Water Cooperation

Freshwater for all!.
Freshwater is the common denominator of today’s most pressing challenges, like health, food and energy, but it’s often poorly managed and faces severe pressures. How can the world better cooperate around this vital cause?

Water Cycle poster.
"Water cooperation" is this year's theme but… before starting… do you really know how water behaves and moves from one place to another?

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What Happened to Chita? Book Cover
R. Casey Andersen, from Ohio in the US, has written a book that helps us gain a deeper understanding of climate change and become inspired to think of ways to help our planet.
Can you figure out what's wrong with poor, sick Chita? Global climate change is affecting Bolivia's altiplano, and in this book a girl struggles to understand why her sheep, Chita, is suffering. As her mother explains the environmental reasons behind Chita's poor health, the girl learns about global warming in Bolivia.
This children's book is available in English, Spanish and Quechua.

Panrarán Yacu Book Cover
Panrarán Yacu[PDF documentPDF document - 1.24 MB]
Antony Lizardo Romero Chávez, from Peru, has written a book that helps us learn and reflect about the respect our ancestors had for water and nature. Be guided by Yacu and discover plenty of myths and legends about water from Peru!

Inform yourself!
Tunza Magazine Vol. 10.4: Freshwater

>> Tunza Magazine Vol. 10.4: Freshwater
Tunza, the UNEP magazine for youth, dedicates its first 2013 issue to freshwater. The issue summarizes main progress towards the Millennium Development Goals, presents different initiatives by young people in different parts of the world, and introduces the 2013 International Year of Water Cooperation. Want to get involved? Change starts here and now!

For youth leaders and educators
Water challenge Badge

>> Water Challenge badgePDF document
Developed in collaboration with United Nations agencies, civil society and other organizations, the United Nations challenge badges are intended to raise awareness, educate and motivate young people to change their behaviour and be active agents of change in their local communities. The challenge badge series can be used by teachers in school classes and by youth leaders, and especially Guide or scout groups. The water challenge badge is designed to help educate children and young people about the crucial role water plays for life on our planet.

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