International UN-Water Conference. Water in the Green Economy in Practice: Towards Rio+20. 3-5 October 2011

Technical visit

The Ebro River Basin Authority and its Automatic System for Hydrologic Information.

Since its creation in 1926, the Ebro River Basin Authority has had a very important role in socio-economic development. In the past, it focused on promoting irrigation and hydroelectricity to achieve economic growth. Nowadays, a more holistic approach to water is taken, with integrated management contributing significantly to green economic growth. During the visit we will see how this shift in approach has occurred and learn about the important role River Basin Authorities can have in achieving a green economy.

The Automatic System for Hydrologic Information is a real time warning and decision support system. Firstly used to cope with flood events, the system has lately proved to be an excellent tool for water efficiency management. The high investment required to implement and maintain the system is compensated by the reduction of losses due to floods and by improvements in water efficiency. Thus, it increases water productivity without the need for new water infrastructure and increases the protection of land and people without the need for new river dykes.

Date: 5 October 2011
Time: 14:00-16:30
Venue: SAIH Control Centre at the CHE Headquarter
The visit will include a thorough demonstration of the System and will be arranged into two consecutive groups, one in English and one in Spanish.