International UN-Water Conference. Water in the Green Economy in Practice: Towards Rio+20. 3-5 October 2011

The Roadmap towards Rio+20

UNEP´s Green Economy Initiative highlights that the multi-trillion dollar stimulus packages could, if targeted at environmental investments, be deployed to revive the global economy, save and create employment, while also assisting in addressing emerging environmental challenges. UNEP values the investment needed at about 2% of the world's GDP. About 2/3 will be energy related. Such investments coupled with domestic policy reforms in some key areas and the development of international policy and market infrastructure, could set the stage for a transition to a truly 'green economy': one which achieves increasing wealth, provides decent employment, successfully tackles inequities and persistent poverty, and reduces ecological scarcities and climate risks. Greening the economy across a range of sectors can drive economy recovery and growth, and lead to future prosperity and job creation, while at the same time addressing social inequalities and environmental challenges.

There are a number of important global landmarks in the roadmap towards Rio+20 specifically related to water and the green economy.

Date Place Organizers Title Role
7 March 2011 New York
Official Side Event at the 2nd UNCSD 2012 Prep Com 'How the Green Economy depends on Water' First Identification of key challenges (warming up)
20 March 2011 Cape Town
South Africa
Korean Government and World Water Council with OECD World Water Day 2011: Side Event  "Water and Green Growth" THE APPROACHES: Presentation of national approaches and approaches from different international organizations.
Preparation of the World Water Forum
21-27 August 2011 Stockholm, Sweden SIWI 2011 World Water Week
UN-Water Round Tables
Rio+20 day. Stockholm Statement to Rio+20 Summit
Stakeholder dialogue
Political debate
Analysis of key objectives and strategies for water and green growth.
Discussion on beyond 2015 in the stakeholder dialogue
21-23 Sept. 2011 Astana, Kazakhstan UNECE The Seventh Ministerial Conference "Environment for Europe" main theme: water in the green economy EUROPE: Specific challenges and best practices in Europe on water and the green economy
3-5 October 2011 Zaragoza, Spain UNW-DPAC Water in the Green Economy in practice: Towards Rio+20 EXAMPLES OF USE OF TOOLS: Providing examples of how specific tools have been used in practice to deal with the green growth challenges
(input to the toolkit)
25-26 October 2011 Paris OCDE OECD Global Forum on Environment: Making Water Reform Happen GOVERNANCE: Addressing the specific governance challenges in water and green growth
16-18 November 2011 Bonn
German Government Bonn 2011
The Water, Energy and Food Security Nexus. Solutions for the Green Economy.
COHERENCE AND COORDINATION of water, agriculture and energy policies
22 March 2012 Marseille, France France and World Water Council 6th World Water Forum Steps in achieving targets – contribution to roadmap.
22 March 2012 To be decided FAO on behalf of UN-Water World Water Day Water and Food Security
4-6 June 2012 Rio, Brazil UN DESA UNCSD: United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development: Rio+20 Final presentation of proposals on objectives beyond 2015
Presentation  of report on monitoring progress in IWRM

Other specific meetings in preparation for Rio+20 where water will/can be discussed

Date Place Organizers Title
3 October-23 December 2011 New York
PGA UN Secretariat 2nd Committee of the 66th General Assembly
15-16 December 2011 New York
UN Secretariat 2nd Intersessional Meeting of UNCSD
26-27 March 2012 New York
UN Secretariat 3rd Intersessional Meeting of UNCSD
28-30 May 2012 Rio de Janeiro
UN DESA 3rd Preparatory Committee Meeting UNCSD