International UN-Water Conference. Water in the Green Economy in Practice: Towards Rio+20. 3-5 October 2011

Expected outcomes

The conference is expected to draw lessons on differentiated responsibilities, appropriateness and transferability of different tools and approaches in different contexts but also on issues of scaling up and transitioning in the examples presented.

The expected outcomes of the conference include:

  • a compendium of between 60 and 70 best practices in the use of tools to promote water and the green economy;
  • an on-line database of best practices;
  • a UN-Water publication on about 14 Success Stories of Tools to promote Water and the Green Economy;
  • a conference report highlighting lessons learnt.

The Bureau of the United Nations Commission on Sustainable Development (UNCSD) has asked for inputs for the outcome document by 1st November 2011. The Conference outcomes will be submitted by the United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs (DESA) – as others by Member States, UN system entities, and Major Groups. The incorporation of the outcomes into the draft negotiating text would be done in so far as the theme and objectives of the Conference are relevant for the Rio+20 Conference. The Zaragoza Conference aims then: (a) to come up with precise and focused recommendations on tools relevant to Rio+20, and (b) create information on cases to start a process for mobilizing across the board support for these proposals.

The outcomes of Rio+20 will go beyond the text negotiated in the main plenary, and include parallel agreements, declarations, partnerships, initiatives and programmes. The Zaragoza Conference aims to contribute to such outcomes and contribute to the preparation of a UN-Water multi-stakeholder meeting during Rio+20, in order to launch them formally.