#WaterforlifeVoices - Exhibit at UNHQ in NY on 22 March 2015

The UN will celebrate the end of the ‘Water for Life’ 2005-2015 Decade at UN Headquarters in New York on World Water Day 2015. Celebrations will include a planned exhibition to take stock, observe our shared successes and contribute to the road map for the future #post2015.

#WaterforlifeVoices.The Water for Life Voices Campaign will provide an outlet so that policy makers can listen to the voices of those affected by water and sanitation issues. Decision makers, politicians, global leaders at UNHQ will comprise the audience.

The objective is to engage, surprise and educate the audience on the Decade’s impact.

The theme will be human stories. We want to view the foci of the Decade through the experiences of human beings, those affected by water issues whose lives have changed during the past ten years. Particularly, we want to present these experiences in relation to the Decade’s two cross-cutting themes, water cooperation and women’s engagement.

The exhibition will consist of 40-60 photographs, quotes, sounds and videos. The audio component will be musical and sounds of water, multimedia and voices from people. These elements should communicate three core motifs.

First, looking back: which includes stories about how lives in regard to water and sanitation changed for the better during the Decade. Second, looking forward: voices of hope sharing views on how people would like to see water and sanitation in the future, and expressing room for improvement. Third, people’s contributions: voices of pride expressing stories on actions the person made and what he/she can do to create the desired future.

The Exhibit especially will portray the Decade’s themes. Among these are water and cities, and water and energy. You can access to a list of themes for inspiration. The Exhibit will especially portray the Decade’s central focus: how progress has been facilitated by water cooperation, and women’s participation.