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  News from the International Decade for Action ’Water for Life’ 2005-2015
  Issue 01. 10 May 2013 

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#EnergyWaterNexus UN General Assembly Thematic Debate will discuss about Sustainable Development and Climate Change: Practical solutions in the Energy-Water Nexus

Date: Thursday, 16 May 2013
Place: UNHQ, New York, USA

Energy and water are both fundamental requirements for development and are deeply interrelated. Water supply uses large amounts of energy, whether for pumping, treatment or desalination. Similarly, energy supplies often depend critically on water, for hydroelectricity, cooling or irrigation. This thematic debate will examine and discuss the challenges and opportunities in managing the water-energy nexus to enhance sustainable development and meet the challenge of climate change. It will also provide an informal setting for Member States to exchange their views, ideas, and lessons learned, discuss and generate new ideas on the subject in an interactive manner.

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Forthcoming events



UN Chronicle highlights water cooperation issues

The 1st issue of 2013 of the UN Chronicle focuses on the theme of water cooperation. Articles in the magazine address water cooperation in the context of cross-cutting issues such as development goals, women and agriculture, integrated water resources management (IWRM), and private sector involvement. The Chronicle examines both freshwater and ocean cooperation issues.

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Water Integrity Forum

Organizers: Water Integrity Forum, UNESCO-IHE, Water Governance Centre
Date: 5-7 June 2013
Place: Delft, The Netherlands

The main objectives of this forum are to take stock of progress in addressing corruption issues in the water sector; to share knowledge, approaches and experiences; and to build alliances to address integrity challenges in the water sector.

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Development Report's themes announced

With the recent change introduced to the UN World Water Development Report (WWDR), this UN-Water flagship report will become annual and thematic with a focus on different strategic water issues each year. The 1st annual WWDR, WWDR5, will be published in 2014 and will address the theme "Water and Energy". The 6th edition of WWDR, which will be launched in 2015, will focus on "Water and Sustainable Development". The report's themes will be harmonized with those of World Water Day, celebrated each 22 March.

Strengthening Partnerships Towards Disaster Risk Reduction For Small Island Developing States

Date: 21 May 2013
Place: Geneva, Switzerland

Small island developing States (SIDS) are widely recognized as being highly prone to both natural and man-made hazards. In light of the interrelated and complex reality SIDS face, vis-à -vis disaster risk, this event aims to draw upon national and regional experiences through the perspectives of political leaders, experts and stakeholders in various aspects pertaining to the disaster risk reduction agenda for SIDS.

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You make the Decade! Who has joined the Water Decade campaign?

  • Water Journalists Africa

Established on World Water Day 2011, Water Journalists Africa is a network of journalists in Africa who report on water and sanitation issues. They regularly publish the WaterSan Perspective blog.

  • Mohonk Consultations

A not-for-profit group, Mohonk Consultation's mission is to support the interrelationships of all forms of life on Earth, and through dialogue, to promote practical means for sustainability. They publish the Mohonk's Consultation Newsletter and help spread the Decade's messages.

  • Science and Technology Office of the French Consulate of Chicago, United States of America

The Scientific Office of the French Consulate of Chicago promoted the Decade on a workshop organized on April 17-19 2013 to discuss the challenges and project initiatives in water mediation and cooperation. The first part of the workshop allowed international institutions participating in the event to present their strategies, programs and priorities on water and on scientific mediation (on a local, national or international level). The second part, organized in two round tables, allowed participants to work and reflect in groups on the types of actions and projects that can be created on an international level in order to develop an innovative way to mobilize on the theme of water.

  • StepUp:H2O

StepUp: H2O is an international youth camp in Vancouver, Canada, organized by Childrens International Summer Villages (CISV) that will be open in July 2013. It will be attended by youths between 14 and 15 years old. As part of the educational component of the camp, the theme for the camp will be 'H2O'. The youth delegates will be exploring issues regarding water.
Contact: Tricia Gardner

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