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政府支持: 布基纳法索


Burkina Faso has not yet suffered any terrorist attack. There is thus no mechanism or institution specialized in assistance for victims of terrorism. Help for such victims falls within the overall framework of assistance mechanisms and institutions set up by the Government for any victims of crises, natural disasters or any other situation requiring State intervention and support.

Generally speaking, victims receive medical, psychological, social, material or spiritual assistance through the Ministry of Social Services and National Solidarity, which includes the Permanent Secretariat of the National Council for Emergency Assistance and Rehabilitation (CONASUR), responsible for dealing with victims of any situation requiring care by the State.

Depending on the form of assistance and the area of competence, victims may be assisted by other bodies, such as the Ministries of Security, Defence, Civil Protection, Health and Finance.

No specialized training in dealing with victims of terrorism is available for persons responsible for assistance to victims, such as the personnel of the above Ministry, the Fire Brigade and the defence and security forces. Training in first aid, assistance to persons in a difficult situation and care for victims is of a general nature and concerns any victim.


The criminal justice system is accessible to victims of terrorism as it is to all victims of offences. Plans to establish economic and judicial centres may facilitate the procedure.


Although Burkina Faso has not yet suffered any terrorist attack, the Government provides support for victims of terrorism in other countries through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Regional Cooperation. The country participates and is involved in all regional and multilateral efforts supporting the fight against terrorism and, thereby, providing assistance for victims of that scourge.

Organizations likely to work with victims of terrorism are, inter alia, CONASUR, the European Union, the Red Cross, Plan Burkina Faso and United Nations Volunteers.


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