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政府支持: 挪威


Victims of terrorism in Norway will be provided services by the ordinary structures for health service provision both on the primary and the specialized level. Health service providers are expected to have expertise in diagnostics and treatment of trauma- related disorders in all age groups. Collaboration between the different service levels is instrumental to ensure fluency in communication and exchange of competency to the benefit of victims.

In order to build capacity in different sectors five regional resource centres on violence, traumatic stress and suicide prevention were established in 2006-2008 (RVTS). One of the centres’ goals is to assist and train professionals meeting people exposed to trauma/traumatic stress, violence and abuse.

The National Action Plan on Radicalization and Violent Extremism was launched in June 2014 (, including specific tasks for the regional centres such as trainings, development of networks and information exchange.

The Norwegian Centre for Violence and Traumatic Stress Studies, NKVTS  established in 2004 supports the regional centres by compiling and generating new knowledge on traumatic stress. As a part of the governmental action plan, NKVTS will in collaboration with RKBU (Regional Centres for Child and Youth Mental Health and Child Welfare) and RBUP (The Center for Child and Adolescent Mental Health, Eastern and Southern Norway) develop expertise in how the health services can work with violent extremism in a more effective way.

Crime victims, including victims of terrorism, have the right to claim damages for injuries incurred in connection with the crime. The criminal act must have taken place within Norway, aboard a Norwegian vessel, offshore platform or aircraft. In special cases, compensation may be granted for personal injury sustained in a foreign country if the applicant for compensation was resident in Norway at the time of the incident (

National implementation of Trauma Focused Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (TF-CBT) has been going on since the 22nd July-terror in the specialized mental health services for children and youth (out-patient clinics). Major investments has been made in order to strengthen the health sector response on trauma and complicated grief generally. 


Victims of crime in general may be entitled to counsel depending on the harm that the crime has caused. In case of terror, a victim is entitled to the assistance of counsel if the victim so desires, and there are reason to believe that as a result of the criminal act the said person will incur considerable injury to body or health. The court may also appoint a counsel to other victims if there is deemed to be a particular need for counsel. The police shall inform the victims of this right. The counsel for the victim is appointed by the court. The counsel shall protect the interests of the victim in connection with the investigation and the main hearing of the case. Further, counsel shall also be notified of and be entitled to be present at the examination of the victim by the police and in court during the investigation and main hearing of the case. The counsel shall be remunerated by the State pursuant to provisions. The provisions can be found in The Criminal Procedure Act Chapter 9a. The English version is with subsequent amendments, the latest made by Act of 30th June 2006.


The Norwegian government works closely with all relevant stakeholders in connection with major emergencies, including terrorist attacks. Such collaboration includes non-governmental and community-based organizations, religious and cultural organizations, the media and the private sector.


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