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政府支持: 菲律宾


The Philippines has not established such a mechanism specific for victims of terrorism. The Philippines does have some government programs which help victims of crimes in general, and victims of terrorism may fall under these.

Furthermore, Executive Order No. 82, s. 2012 established the National Crisis Management Committee, the highest policy and decision making body in managing human-induced crises at the national level. As part of its mandate, this committee has duties regarding Post-Action and Assessment. However, there has been no specific programme established for dealing with victims of terrorism under this mandate.


There is no special mechanism or institution to grant victims of terrorism access within the criminal justice system. Under the Philippine legal system, the victims can be represented by private prosecutors of their choice in court, working together with the public prosecutors. Should the victims not be able to afford representation they can seek assistance from the Public Attorney''s Office.


Government gives whatever support it can to: non-governmental, community-based, religious, cultural, private sector, international and regional organizations as well as the media. In fact it encourages them to participate in support of government efforts. However, we do not have specific details on how the government collaborates with these sectors and will look into this matter further.


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