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Hasan Wahhab Hadi Al Araji works with vulnerable and marginalized groups for the Iraqi Al-Amal Association (IAA) and leads the biggest network of human rights defenders in Iraq. The IAA actively works to combat all forms of violence and discrimination, and to promote human rights, gender equality, tolerance and social peace in Iraq. Watch Hasan’s interview here Подробнее »

Имрана Аладжи Буба основал Молодежную коалицию против терроризма — организацию, объединившую добровольцев в борьбе с насильственным экстремизмом в Нигерии.  Смотрите интервью с Имраной Подробнее »

“Surviving Terrorism: Victims’ Voices from Norway”, produced by the Department of Public Information, offers an intimate portrayal of two victims of the July 2011 mass killings by Anders Breivik. The documentary shows the lives of Ms. Kamzy Gunaratnam and Mr. Viljar Hanssen as they recover from the attack and turn their experiences into something positive.   Watch the documentary here Подробнее »

Karima Bennoune, UN Special Rapporteur in the field of cultural rights, speaks about the importance of protecting the rights of victims of terrorism.   Watch Karima's interview here Подробнее »

Ahmed HADJI, Co-founder of the Uganda Muslim Youth Development Forum, speaks about his experience as a survivor of a terrorist attack in Kampala in July 2011.   Watch Ahmed's interview here Подробнее »

Laura DOLCI, Secretary of the UN Fund for Victims of Torture, Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights, speaks about the consequences of terrorism on victims.   Watch Laura's interview here Подробнее »

Terry Sears, Director of Tuesday’s Children, an organization formed in the aftermath of September 11, speaks about the impact of terrorism on children and youth.   Watch Terry's interview here Подробнее »

Jo Dover, a Resilience expert in the United Kingdom, speaks about the long-term impact of terrorism on victims.   Watch Jo's interview here Подробнее »

Odette Chesnot, Co-founder of the Lebanese Association of Victims of Terrorism and Art-therapist, speaks about the long-term impact of terrorism on victims and the importance of providing them with an adapted recovery support.   Watch Odette's interview here Подробнее »

James Ndeda, Director of Victims of Terrorism Organization Kenya, speaks about his experience as a victim of the 1998 bombing at the US embassy in Nairobi.   Watch James' interview here Подробнее »