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Fédération nationale des victimes d’attentats et d’accidents collectifs (FENVAC)

The FENVAC (National federation of the victims of catastrophes) is an organization created by victims’ families in 1994.
It gathers the victims’ families of accidents like air crash landings, fires, explosions, collisions, natural disasters… 70 different accidents since its creation.

The goals of the FENVAC are :
- Mutual aid.
- Solidarity.
- Justice and the truth.
- Prevention.
- Memory.

European Union

Assistance to victims of terrorism and their families is a key part of EU counter-terrorism efforts.


For more information, visit European Commission's website here


The international non profit organisation V-Europe in progress is an association for victims of terrorism and in particular for all victims of the terrorist attacks perpetrated on Belgian soil, as well as the Belgian victims of attacks perpetrated on foreign soil.
V-Europe was created by victims of the attacks of 22 march 2016 in Brussels, to get united and to progress for a better future.
The association explained in a nutshell by the letter “V” of V-Europe :
• Victims: getting to know each other, share our experiences and determine our needs.

Association IMAD pour la jeunesse et la paix

L'association IMAD pour la jeunesse et la paix oeuvre:
- à la mise en place d'un dialogue interreligieux,
- à prévenir les dérives sectaires de l'extrémisme,
- à soutenir une éducation laïque et républicaine,
- à promouvoir la laïcité,
- à créer un cadre public et officiel pour favoriser l'échange.

Association française des Victimes du Terrorisme

L’Association française des Victimes du Terrorisme (, fondée en 2009, a pour objet d'apporter une assistance aux victimes du terrorisme ou à leurs familles. Cette assistance est morale, administrative, financière, juridique, médicale, mémorielle ou autre.

L’ assure trois types de mission :

- Psychologique : en plus d’un suivi thérapeutique individuel pour les victimes du terrorisme, l’association assure un accompagnement psychologique au travers de programmes collectifs sur le modèle des ateliers d’art-thérapie et des groupes de parole.

Victim Support Finland

Victims Support Finland is a nation-wide organisation founded in 1994. It is run by six Finnish organisations. It receives also State financial aid. Victim Support Finland offers practical advice and support to victims of crime, their close ones as well as for those who have witnessed a crime by maintaining helplines and social media services, giving legal advice, providing an online support service called Rikunet, accompanying victims when attending police hearings or court sessions as well as assisting in filing for a restraining order or applying for compensation.

The Norwegian Centre for Violence and Traumatic Stress Studies - NKVTS

Established in 2004 supports the regional centres by compiling and generating new knowledge on traumatic stress. As a part of the governmental action plan, NKVTS will in collaboration with RKBU (Regional Centres for Child and Youth Mental Health and Child Welfare) and RBUP (The Center for Child and Adolescent Mental Health, Eastern and Southern Norway) develop expertise in how the health services can work with violent extremism in a more effective way.

Foundation for Peace

We are a national charity working to support those affected by conflict, acts of terror and politically motivated violence.
We support victims of conflict and terrorism and veterans, enabling them to use their traumatic experiences to do something positive and to move forward with their lives. We support young people to turn away from violence, and we work to build stronger communities without prejudice and discrimination.

Victim Support

Apoyo a las Victimas (Victim Support) es una organización benéfica independiente, para las víctimas y testigos de delitos en Inglaterra y Gales. Establecida hace 40 años, ha crecido hasta convertirse en la organización más grande y antigua de víctimas en el mundo.

British Red Cross

The British Red Cross relief fund gives immediate financial help to people who have been seriously injured or bereaved by terrorist incidents overseas. When terrorist incidents occur, it can be hard for the people affected to get financial help from insurance bodies. This fund – which we set up at the request of the government – provides an immediate payment of £3,000 to help people recover from the incident. This grant is not compensation for what victims have suffered.