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Government Support: Benin

Government Assistance to Victims

- The National Committee for Civil Protection created in 1985. it's a Body where all the ministries are represented. it's chaired by the Ministry of the Interior and the Security. The  Direction of Prevention and Civil Protection ensures it's Executive Secretary. The committee has its dismemberment at departmental, communal and local levels.

-  The National Committee for Civil Protection has many specialized services with rapid warning system. Those services are: the health service; Police and Inquiry; Transportation; Emergency and Rescue; Social Assistance; Connection and Transmission.

- Benin adopted in 1987 a National Plan of Relief in case of Emergency, Pan ORSEC.

- Benin is in the process of the elaboration of a National Counter-Terrorism Plan of Action, to be more in line with the United Nations Global Counter- Terrorism Strategy.

Legal Resources available to Victims

- The mechanism is a procedure within the National Committee for Civil Protection. It's led by the Direction of Prevention and Civil Protection, throughout its dismemberment. The Victim or his family has to sick the advice of a lawyer to be better compensated and the ordinary Tribunal are competent. The State or the organization concerned may be condemned to pay compensation to the victim.

- Direction of Prevention and Civil Protection: Tel : (011 229) 21301106; 21301996, Fax: (011 229) 21300159

Collaboration with other Organisations

Non-governmental organizations or community-based

Those actions are conducted through the communal and local dismemberment of the Direction of Prevention and Civil Protection of the National Committee for Civil Protection.

Religious and/or cultural organizations

Specified actions or requests are made towards, mainly the approved Christian and Muslims Charity Associations to complete the Government efforts.  

The media

The media are required to raise awareness and allow a large scale of national solidarity.

The private sector

The private sector is called through the media to make voluntary subscription for the victim. This kind of action is implemented when the victims need to be sent abroad, in specialized hospital to receive specific treatment.  

International and/or regional organizations

Specific request can be made, through diplomatic Channels towards the international and regional organization. It's often towards ECOWAS and the United Nations relevant Bodies.


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