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Directory of Organisations Supporting Victims of Terrorism


Civil society, governmental and inter-governmental resources for victims of terrorism.

Organizationsort descending Type Country
Department for Communities and Local Government (DCLG)

DCLG is responsible for coordinating and supporting local authorities in their role as leaders of the humanitarian assistance response to a terrorist attack. Read more »

Government United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
Department of Health (DH)

DH provides guidance to the National Health Service and local authorities on how to plan for responding to the psychological and mental health needs of victims of emergenciesRead more »

Government United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
European Union

Assistance to victims of terrorism and their families is a key part of EU counter-terrorism efforts. For more information, visit European Commission's website hereRead more »

Fédération nationale des victimes d’attentats et d’accidents collectifs (FENVAC)

The FENVAC (National federation of the victims of catastrophes) is an organization created by victims’ families in 1994. It gathers the victims’ families of accidents like air crash landings, fires, explosions, collisions, natural disasters… 70 different accidents since its creation. The goals of the FENVAC are : - Mutual aid. - Solidarity. - Justice and the truth. - Prevention. - Memory.Read more »

Civil Society France
Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO)

For a major incident on UK territory that impacted on foreign nationals, FCO’s role is to ensure that foreign embassies were signposted to the correct sources of information. The FCO’s role in overseas incidents takes a number of forms including: provision and maintenance of travel advice via FCO website; consular assistance overseas including assistance with evacuation in extreme circumstances; and, signposting to further sources of information. The Foreign Secretary is responsible for the designation of terrorist attacks for the purposes of the Victims of Overseas Terrorism Scheme 2012 Read more »

Government United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
Foundation for Peace

We are a national charity working to support those affected by conflict, acts of terror and politically motivated violence. We support victims of conflict and terrorism and veterans, enabling them to use their traumatic experiences to do something positive and to move forward with their lives. We support young people to turn away from violence, and we work to build stronger communities without prejudice and discrimination.Read more »

Civil Society United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
Home Office, Office for Security and Counter Terrorism

The Home office is responsible for the initial operational response to a major or complex incident, including acts of terrorism. It also leads on communicating with the victims of the “7/7” terrorist attacks that took place in London on 7 July 2005. Read more »

Government United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
Iraqi Al-Amal Association

Iraqi Al-Amal Association is a non-political, non-sectarian association of volunteers actively engaged in projects for the benefit and well being of the Iraqi population regardless of race, gender and political or religious affiliation. Its programmes aim to combat all forms of violence and discrimination, the promotion of the culture of Human Rights, Gender Equality, tolerance and social peace, the carrying-out of income-generating projects as well as providing psychosocial assistance and training courses to vulnerable sectors, so that they can participate efficiently in public life. Al-Amal also works on the question of law reform, along with the rehabilitation of workers in police and judicial fields, with the aim of securing the supremacy of law and justice in society.Read more »

Civil Society Iraq
Ministry of Justice (MOJ)

Ministry of Justice (MOJ) and Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority (CICA) are responsible for support for victims of terrorism after the initial operational response. This includes support in the criminal justice system and for the management of compensation schemes for victims. Read more »

Government United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
National Conciliation Commission

The National Conciliation Commission is an independent and autonomous entity, created by the Catholic Church and composed of citizens from various sectors and aspects of thought. It which searches for of political solutions to the social and armed conflict including all the actors in it; brings awareness to the respect of Human Rights and International Humanitarian Law; supports comprehensive education for peaceful coexistence and affects the design of public policies of peace and reconciliation.Read more »

Civil Society Colombia