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Documentary: Resilience in the Face of Terrorism: Victims’ Voices from Cameroon and Nigeria

"Resilience in the Face of Terrorism:  Victims’ Voices from Cameroon and Nigeria" explores the resilience of a refugee from Nigeria who fled to Cameroon and an internally displaced person from Cameroon as a result of attacks by Boko Haram. This is part of the Lake Chad documentary series.

When Boko Haram came for her family, Wala Matari dressed her sons as girls, hoping to stop them being recruited by the terrorist group. Wala, from northern Cameroon, is just one of millions of people who have been displaced in the Lake Chad Basin area.

The impact of the violence caused by Boko Haram has spread from Nigeria’s Borno State, to Cameroon, Niger and Chad.

Mohammed Lawan Goni was captured by Boko Haram but managed to escape.  He kept running until he reached Cameroon and has spent the past five years in the Minawao Refugee Camp there.

Watch the documentary here