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الدعم الحكومي: أوكرانيا

المساعدة الحكومية للضحايا

Damage suffered by individuals who have been victims of a terrorist act is compensated under article 19 of the Counter-Terrorism Act of Ukraine, under the national budget, and the amount of compensation is subsequently recovered from the offenders, as prescribed by law. Damage caused by a terrorist act to an organization, enterprise or institution is compensated in accordance with legislation. Social rehabilitation, funded under the national budget, is offered to victims of terrorism in order to help them to resume normal life, according to article 20 of the Counter-Terrorism Act. If necessary, the persons concerned are offered psychological, medical and professional rehabilitation, legal assistance, lodging, and help in finding employment.

الموارد القانونية المتاحة للضحايا

None exist.

التعاون مع المنظمات الأخرى

As part of the set of measures adopted for the implementation of the counter-terrorism strategy approved by Presidential Decree No. 230 of 25 April 2013, the bodies engaged in combating terrorism cooperate on an ongoing basis with organizations and public associations in protecting the population and high-risk sites from terrorist attacks. According to the above strategy, one of the country's priority obligations to the United Nations and other international organizations engaged in combating terrorism consists in implementing global security standards and in the cross-cutting and balanced introduction of all components of the United Nations Global Counter-Terrorism Strategy, particularly measures aimed at:
– Eliminating the causes and conditions facilitating the propagation of terrorism;
– Ensuring the protection of human rights and freedoms;
– Providing assistance to victims of terrorism.


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