NGO Action News – 9 September 2021

Civil Society and the Question of Palestine

Middle East

  • On 7 September, Addameer Prisoner Support and Human Rights Association issued a press release urging the Israeli Prison Services (IPS) to safeguard Palestinian political prisoners’ rights against collective punishment and retaliatory measures, following large-scale measures adopted by the IPS including the transfer and interrogation of prisoners. Addameer warned that such measures stand in stark contrast to Israel’s responsibility as an occupying power under the Fourth Geneva Convention, serving as collective punishment against all Palestinian prisoners. Addameer also emphasized that without third-party supervision of IPS policies, the rights of Palestinian prisoners will continue to be violated with impunity.
  • On 1 September, Gisha Legal Centre for Freedom of Movement informed about the Israeli authorities’ decision to reverse the ban on entry of construction materials into the Gaza Strip. Gisha said that, over the past weeks, Israel began implementing changes to its policy on the movement of people and goods to and from Gaza, restoring the situation at the crossings to more or less the situation prior to the May 2021 hostilities. Gisha called on Israel to allow immediate entry of all that is needed nor only for reconstruction but also for normal life and allow travel of people subject only to relevant considerations.
  • On 31 August, HaMoked Centre for the Defence of the Individual issued the position paper “Israeli Control of the Palestinian Population Registry and its Implications for Palestinians’ Basic Rights” on the long-standing freeze of the Palestinian population registry, which is effectively controlled by Israel. The paper covers the legal and historical background of this issue, highlighting the predicament of thousands of Palestinian families where one of the spouses is a foreigner without status in the OPT or a West Bank resident with a Gaza address.
  • On 29 August, Peace Now informed that the Jerusalem Higher Planning Council (HPC) will be conducting a hearing in October to discuss the objections filed jointly by the NGO and Ir Amim to the plans to build 3,412 housing units in the E1 area in the West Bank. Peace Now reminded that this plan is considered “exceptionally lethal for the chances for peace and the two-State solution” as it cuts across the West Bank and prevents the development of the area between Ramallah, East Jerusalem and Bethlehem.
  • On 28 August, Al Mezan Centre for Human Rights issued the press release “The Heightening of Movement Restrictions in Gaza Severely Undermined the Enjoyment of Human Rights”. Al Mezan warned that in maintaining a comprehensive land, sea and air blockade and closure over the Gaza Strip, Israel violates the full spectrum of Palestinians’ human rights, as the enjoyment of the rights to education, highest standard of health, and work correlates highly with the freedom of movement.


  • On 7 September, the European Coordination of Committees and Associations for Palestine (ECCP) issued the press release “Israel-Palestine: It is Apartheid. The EU and its Member States must Acknowledge this Fact and Comply with their Responsibilities”. ECCP called on the European Union to support an immediate end to occupation, forcible transfer, annexation, house demolition and the blockade of Gaza, among others. It called on the Member States to explicitly support the International Criminal Court (ICC) in its procedures related to crimes against humanity and war crimes committed against the Palestinian people and to activate effective sanctions, including the suspension of the EU-Israel Association Agreement.

North America

  • On 2 September, Americans for Peace Now (APN) issued a press release to oppose the moves to allow the Jewish National Fund (JNF) to register properties in the West Bank and Jerusalem, a process that is likely to lead to the eviction of thousands of Palestinians from their homes. APN called on fellow Jewish organizations in the United States, particularly those who serve on the board of the JNF, to exercise their influence to ensure that this procedural endeavour does not lead to the eviction of Palestinian families, a process that is certain to have dire humanitarian, political and security repercussions.
  • On 27 August, the US Campaign for Palestinian Rights (USCPR) informed it was one of ten organizations supporting the protest against US President Biden’s meeting with Israeli PM Bennet. USCPR demanded to “end US complicity in Israeli colonialism, sanction Israel and end the military and diplomatic support that enables ethnic cleansing of Palestinians” in reference to Sheikh Jarrah neighbourhood.

United Nations

  • On 9 September, UNRWA CommissionerGeneral Philippe Lazzarini delivered a speech to the 115th Session of the League of Arab States Council. He insisted that the Agency was irreplaceable and there was no alternative in the region as long as there was no political solution that included a just and lasting solution of the plight of Palestine refugees. He explained that the mandate of UNRWA was a common responsibility and the stability of the region was a common interest. He invited the attending Member States to become an active part of the strategic discussions around the modernization of UNRWA and to attend the international conference, which will be hosted by Jordan and Sweden to ensure they are partners in enabling Palestine refugees on their journey to self-reliance.


This newsletter informs about recent and upcoming activities of Civil Society Organizations affiliated with the United Nations Committee on the Exercise of the Inalienable Rights of the Palestinian People. The Committee and the Division for Palestinian Rights of the UN Secretariat provide the information “as is” without warranty of any kind, and do not accept any responsibility or liability for the accuracy, or reliability of the information contained in the websites linked in the newsletter.



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