Security Incidents in West Bank, Gaza – 30 July 2021 Daily Press Briefing – (Excerpts)

30 JULY 2021

The following is a near-verbatim transcript of today’s noon briefing by Eri Kaneko, Associate Spokesperson for the Secretary-General.


Questions and Answers


Question:  Thank you.  My second question is, where is Mr. Tor Wennesland?  He is nowhere to be found.  Whatever is going on in the West Bank and Jerusalem, he has been absent, including the murder of a 12-year-old boy, as I mentioned yesterday to you.  I mean, didn’t he notice the volume of violations committed by the Israeli occupation forces?  He has been silent completely.  I didn’t see… except two congratulations, one to the Israeli new President and one on the Eid al-Adha holiday.  Where is he?

Associate Spokesperson:  He is continuing his work.  As you… [cross talk]

Question:  But where?  Tell me.  Tell me details what he is doing.

Associate Spokesperson:  He has been continuing to speak out.  He’s been reporting to the Security Council on the deaths occurring in the region.  His office is active.  He is aware of these incidents taking place, but he continues his work, and his office continues to be active.

Question:  Then where is his voice in the case of the murders of a 12-year-old…?

Associate Spokesperson:  I’m sorry.  You’re muted.  I’m sorry?

Question:  I… where is his voice?  Why he doesn’t speak up?  [cross talk]

Associate Spokesperson:  He continues to be active.  He continues to be active.  It’s not… his work is not just about what we see on Twitter or the statements that he issues.  He is continuing his talks with the players in the region, with… here with us in New York.  I can assure you he is quite active.


For information media. Not an official record.

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