“I thought it was my duty to convey a very strong message of gratitude and support.

As I said this morning, our objective today was clear:  to come together to mobilize political and financial support for the vital work of UNRWA — an agency that is not only a lifeline for millions of Palestine refugees, but also critical for regional stability.

I want to thank all of the donors for stepping up at a critical time and reaffirming solidarity with the Palestine refugees.

The amounts pledged today will help ensure that UNRWA continues to deliver on its humanitarian mandate, while also meeting some of the most critical Sustainable Development Goals to ensure that truly no one is left behind.

Today represents an important step — but much more is needed.

We must continue to make every effort to guarantee strong and predictable UNRWA financing at a time of instability, volatility and great vulnerability for Palestine refugees and for the Middle East. Thank you.”