Providing Farmers in Gaza with Solar Alternatives to Operate Irrigation Wells and Pumping Systems – OCHA Article

An oPt Humanitarian Fund success story

Sulaiman Hasan Sulaiman, also known as Abu Mu’ammar, is a Palestinian farmer from the Ash Shokah region, in the southern Gaza Strip. To support his family, he spends ten hours per day working his land. He also operates an irrigation well to water his crops and sells water to other farmers. However, the pump relies on electricity and the ongoing energy crisis in the Gaza Strip means electricity is supplied through the grid for only a few hours per day, negatively affecting the productivity of his land and decreasing his income.

To cope with this challenge, he sought support in installing solar panels.

n 2017, with funding received through the Humanitarian Fund for the occupied Palestinian territory (oPt HF), the Rural Women’s Development Society initiated a project aimed at providing Palestinian farmers in Gaza with solar alternatives to operate irrigation wells and pumping systems.

Through their support, solar panels were installed on Abu Mu’ammar’s land, following which his situation has improved dramatically. His agricultural activities no longer depend on electricity supply from the grid, and he is no longer required to pay fees to the electricity company. Thanks to the new panels, water is available on his land at any time of the day.

Not only Abu Mu’ammar, but the whole area benefits from the project, as owners of neighbouring farms receive water from his pump free-of-charge for the first six months.

* This story was contributed by Rural Women’s Development Society


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