OIC Calls for Full Adherence to Ceasefire and Stresses Importance of Two-state Solution for Comprehensive Peace – Press Release (Non-UN Document)

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Arabic: العربية


Date: 21/05/2021

The General Secretariat of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) stated that despite the cessation of Israeli hostilities and the ceasefire in Gaza, a strong commitment to dialogue, relevant UN resolutions and the Arab Peace Initiative for a two-state settlement, along with establishment of an independent state of Palestine within the 1967 lines, with Eastern al-Quds as its capital, are paramount to achieving just, lasting and comprehensive peace.

The Organization’s participation in the UN General Assembly Emergency Meeting on the Situation in the Middle East and Palestine (May 20th), at the request of the Muslim, Arab and non-alliance groups, comes as part of its ongoing political and diplomatic efforts to bring the international community’s attention to the need to shoulder its responsibility to end the Israeli aggression and assault on the Palestinian people, their land and sacred places of worship, the OIC Secretary General underlined.

Pointing out to the emergency open-ended foreign ministerial meeting of the OIC Executive Committee, held virtually at the request of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia on 16 May 2021, the Secretary General stated that the foreign ministers of the OIC Member States expressed full rejection and condemnation of the continued Israeli colonization of the Palestinian lands, including Eastern al-Quds, denouncing the apartheid system it enforces, especially through building settlements, destroying Palestinian property, constructing an expansion wall, confiscating lands, homes and property, and forcibly evicting and displacing Palestinians from their homes and land.

He went on, “The OIC joins in the concern expressed by the Executive Committee meeting about the accelerated pace of the Israeli policy of colonization of the Palestinian land, specifically the threat to forcibly evacuate hundreds of Palestinian families from their homes in occupied Eastern al-Quds, particularly Palestinians in Sheikh Jarrah and Silwan districts, who are at imminent risk of forced expulsion at the hands of groups of extremist settlers, with the connivance and support of the Israeli occupation authorities and through the Israeli apartheid courts.”


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