Incident Near Tulkarm; Agreement to De-escalate Tensions in Gaza – 2 Sept. 2020 Daily Press Briefing – (Excerpts)


The following is a near-verbatim transcript of today’s noon briefing by Stéphane Dujarric, Spokesman for the Secretary-General.


Questions and Answers


Question:  Okay.  I have two questions on the issue of Palestine.  First, yesterday, in a clash between the arm… Israeli Army and the Palestinians who were protesting the confiscation of their land near the town of Tulkarm, a few soldiers grabbed a senior man of 64 years old.  His name is Khairi Hanoon, and they throw him to the ground, and one of the soldiers put his knee on his neck, exactly like what happened to George Floyd.  And the video went viral; everyone saw it, probably, except [Nickolay] Mladenov didn’t see it, yes.  And luckily, because there was so many cameras, the man was saved, so many journalists around there.

So, why these incidents do not make it to the office of Mr. Mladenov?  Again, I raised the issue of the two disabled Palestinians.  I raised the issue of the woman who was killed in her home, and this time, it’s also another… [cross talk]

Spokesman:  We will check with our colleagues to see if we have any information on this incident.  And your other question?

Question:  The other question is, when he… when Mr. Mladenov issued a statement yesterday, he said, I — you read it yesterday — I welcome the agreement, and he said to de‑es… the de‑escalation of tension in and around Gaza, ending the launching of incendiary devices and projectiles.  He didn’t finish saying “and ending the air raids and missiles thrown by Israel to Gaza”.  Why he didn’t miss that… that part?  Palestinians… [cross talk]

Spokesman:  I think he was very clear in the need also for the blockade to end, the fuel blockade to end and for humanitarian aid to go in.  We have spoken out… [cross talk]

Question:  [inaudible] was conducted raids on Gaza… [cross talk]

Spokesman:  We’ve spoken out on the missile strikes.  We’ve spoken out on the incendiary devices.  For us, what is important is that there was an agreement, which would lead to a better life… you know, alleviating of the suffering of the people in Gaza.

Okay.  Maggie?

Question:  Can I?

Spokesman:  Yes, please, go ahead.  Go ahead, sorry, Abdelhamid.  [cross talk]

Question:  I’m just saying that there is something incomplete.  He welcomed the ending of the incendiary devices and projectiles, but on the other hand, Israel was raiding Gaza for the last week, for last few weeks.

Spokesman:  Look, there has been… [cross talk]

This latest round was a cycle of violence.  I… listen, I think you and I, as I’ve said, will never see eye to eye on this.  Mr. Mladenov…

Question:  I can… yeah.

Spokesman:  Walter’s forgotten what good manners are.  It’s been months.  You and I will never see eye to eye on this.  What is… Mr. Mladenov has been working tirelessly to try to bring an end to the violence in this cycle and to make lives for the people of Gaza and the surrounding communities in Israel better.


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