EU High Representative Mogherini Promotes Cooperation in EU-LAS Meeting – Speech

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And this is where our partnership, our friendship can make a real difference – first and foremost, on practical things where it is self-evident that we share the same interests, because we see that together we can create more and better jobs for our young people, open up new opportunities for education, manage migration flows more safely and humanely, adapt to climate change and invest in our common environment, contrast radicalisation and cooperate in the fight against terrorism. In all these fields we need one another. Europe needs cooperation with the Arab world and the Arab world needs cooperation with Europe.

This is also true in addressing the conflicts in our common region. Look at Israel and Palestine: today there is a risk of further escalation that will bring the Israelis and the Palestinians further away from ending the conflict.

We Europeans have demonstrated our commitment to peace in the Holy Places, for instance through stepping up consistently our contributions to maintain the operations of the United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestinian Refugees [UNRWA]. And we know that we need cooperation between Europeans and Arabs to accompany the Israeli and Palestinian leaderships on the path towards peace. And most all, I believe, we around this table share the urgent objective to prevent the definitive collapse of the two-state solution and find ways to revive it.


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