Coronavirus Disease 2019 (OPT) WHO Situation Report 84

World Health organization oPt

Coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) Situation Report 84

Monthly issue: 22 October to 18 November 2021


  • New COVID-19 infections (4th wave in the West bank and 3rd wave in Gaza) continue to slow down across the oPt. The Gaza Strip leads by ratio of 64.6% of all active cases.
  • Positivity in the oPt continues to decline reaching 8.28% over the reporting period. Rt remains under 1.

WHO preparedness, readiness and response

WHO continues to work closely with partners to support the Ministry of Health’s (MoH) efforts to respond to the COVID-19 outbreak.

Coordination, planning and monitoring​

  • The state of emergency over COVID-19 decreed by President Mahmoud Abbas continues in place.
  • Implementation of third ‘booster’ dose to medical staff and priority groups such as elderly and sick continues.


  • Amidst the fourth COVID-19 wave in the West Bank and the third wave in the Gaza Strip, the overall number of active cases is declining to 2,758 COVID-19 cases detected across the oPt. Infections in the Gaza Strip still account for most of all cases, around 65%.
  • In the West Bank, numbers of cases are slowing down, and are now at 975. Positivity stands at 4.30% over the reporting period (22 October to 18 November 2021).
  • In the Gaza Strip, positivity continues to decrease, while remaining rather high at 13%.
  • The overall Case Fatality Rate (CFR) across oPt remains at 1%. The CFR is the proportion of deaths among identified confirmed cases.

Laboratory testing and diagnostics

  • The number of tests conducted in the oPt over the reporting period is 93,901 tests, with an overall positivity of 8.28%. In the Gaza Strip, an average of 956 tests took place per day while the average in the West Bank was 2,368 tests per day.
  • In order to maintain COVID-19 testing capacity in the Gaza Strip, during the reporting period, WHO delivered COVID-19 laboratory testing kits and supplies, including real time-PCR tests, antigen rapid diagnostic tests, in addition to supplementary kits and supplies, that are enough to test more than 73,000 COVID-19 suspected cases.

Infection Prevention and Control (IPC), Case Management, Operations Support and Logistics 

  • In the Gaza Strip, the number of patients requiring hospitalization continues to decrease, with an overall bed occupancy of 28%, with 70 beds out of a total of 247 currently occupied.
  • Bed occupancy at intensive care units (ICU) is also improving, with 9 patients (20%) occupying a total capacity of 45 beds, including two patients on mechanical ventilation.
  • In the West Bank, hospitals continue to respond to COVID-19 situation: ICU bed occupancy is 51% with 48 ICU beds occupied out of 95, and 8 patients on ventilators.
  • As part of its continued efforts in expanding the capacity of the Gaza health system in case management, WHO concluded two series of training, targeting a total of 112 nurses and 46 doctors, on intensive care management of COVID-19 patients. The trainings used combined methods, including printed material, face-to-face presentations, and practical workstations.

Maintaining essential services

Scaling up Early Essential new-born care to NGO run maternity hospitals   

In its effort to introduce early essential new-born care (EENC) in several maternity hospitals in Gaza, the WHO organized a workshop on October 28, to present (EENC) as a package of evidence-based life-saving interventions during delivery and the early new-born period. Such interventions can effectively reduce the risk of new-born morbidity and mortality. Twenty-six medical directors, heads of the obstetric departments in hospitals and the MoH EENC team benefited from the workshop.

The workshop was organized under the umbrella of the AFD funded project “Strengthening Maternal, Neonatal and Young Children Health (MNCH) in Gaza” implemented jointly with UNICEF and UNFPA.

COVID-19 Vaccination Update

Vaccination Numbers / News (as of 18 November)

  • 1,606,553 people have been vaccinated in total across the oPt: 1,113,011 in the West Bank, and 493,542 in Gaza. These figures represent around 53.32% of the target Palestinian population (16 years and above).
  • Of these numbers, a total of 1,396,877 are fully vaccinated: 1,018,390 in West Bank, and 378,487 in Gaza.
  • Administering of third “booster dose” of the vaccine for priority groups is ongoing across the oPt (119,874 in total).  in West Bank 103,353 doses were administered and 16,521 in Gaza.

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