Date: Friday, April 20, 2018

The Joint UNDP/UN Women/UNICEF Programme “Sawasya II: Promoting the Rule of law in Palestine (2018-2023)” is soliciting expressions of interest from experienced civil society organisations(CSOs) in the field of rule of law, human rights, gender equality and justice for children for the implementation of the multi-year programme. Only those organizations which meet all pre-qualification criteria will be part of the roster and thus become eligible to be considered for a partnership arrangement for the implementation of specific outputs during the programme implementation cycle. However, admission to the Civil Society Roster does not guarantee that a partnership with Sawasya II will be established.

Instructions to Applicants

SAWASYA II will carry out a selection process consisting of multiple stages to identify the most relevant CSOs for partnership under this initiative. This process of applying to join the roster is referred to as the ‘Pre-Qualification Process’.

The purpose of the pre-qualification process is two-fold:

  • To determine whether interested CSOs meet Sawasya II mandatory criteria for partnership under this Programme (see further section 6)
  • To assess the capacity levels of interested CSOs in order to determine appropriate levels of financial and capacity building support (see further section 6)

CSOs will be assessed based on the documents and information they provide during this process. The applications of interested organisations may be further verified through visits, reference checks and interviews with staff, board members and/or beneficiaries.

Submission of Application

A soft copy of the pre-qualification application, which contains all mandatory andoptionaldocuments,shallbesubmitted to email indicating ‘Application for Pre-Qualification Process: Sawasya II joint programme’ in the subject heading of your email no laterthan 15:00 pm, Monday 14 May 2018. Once received through email, an e-mail of confirmation of receipt will be sent to the applicant by Sawasya team.

The application package with all relevant information, guidelines and documents can be accessed through below links:

1. SAWASYA II CSO Roster Guidance note

2. Project Activity Framework


Information Sessions

Sawasya programme will conduct two information sessions in West Bank and Gaza (West Bank: Wednesday 2nd May 2018, Gaza: Thursday 26 April 2018)

Note: To confirm your participation in any of the sessions kindly send email to the following email address: Venue and time will be communicated later by email to organizations who confirmed their attendance. Information about these two sessions will also be provided through the Facebook page of the Sawasya programme: