A Committee Delegation visited Germany to discuss current challenges to the two-State solution and how to move the peace process forward.  As a Security Council member, a leading European state, a global economic power and a friend of the parties Germany is already playing a significant positive role.  The delegation and German interlocutors held frank exchanges and concurred on the need to maintain the two-State solution as the framework to resolve the conflict.

The Committee delegation thanked the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for the positive role that Germany plays in the Security Council, and as a supporter to the Palestinian people.

A fruitful and frank exchange between the Committee delegation and Ulrich Lechte, member of the Foreign Affairs Committee of the German Parliament, and Chair of its sub-committee on United Nations and Multilateral institutions.

The Committee delegation had a fruitful conversation with Ottmar von Holtz, Chair of the Foreign Affairs Committee’s Subcommittee on Civil Conflict Prevention of the German Federal Parliament.  Full agreement on the importance to adhere to international law.