Zun of Peace, UNNY120G, 2015, China

Zun of Peace

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Zun of Peace is modeled after Zun, a bronze ritual object used in ancient China. Zun means reverence in Chinese and this bronze ritual object is highly important in the traditional Chinese culture.  This gift represents China's high regard and support for the United Nations and the best wishes of the over 1.3 billion Chinese people to the organization.
The work is mainly in the color of "Chinese Red", with dragons at the top representing guardians of peace.  The elephants and phoenixes on both sides convey wishes for prosperity across the world.  Throughout the work, traditional patterns of elements represent the Silk Road, which represents China's vision of peace and development.  The seven flying doves are symbols of the 70 years of the United Nation's dedication to world peace.

Location (Building): 
Conference Building (CB)
2nd Floor
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65 in. (1.65 meters), Diameter: 27.5 in. (0.7 meters)
Donation Date: 
September 27, 2015