Mixed Media: ink, watercolor and silver powder on paper mounted on wood

Gift ID: 
312G.01, .02

These works were created to fit in the environment and theme of the South East Lounge, whose renovation was contributed by the Chinese Government in support of the Capital Master Plan.  Li Baodong, Ambassador and Permanent Representative of the People's Republic of China to the UN, said of these two paintings that "they represent an innovative experiment by the artist who uses his art to draw people's attention to nature, peace and harmonious development.  The theme of these two paintings coincides with the values of the United Nations- fairness; justice, peaceful development and ecological protection."

Professor Wang Lin Xu has his unique art style, stressing on the ideal combination of the classical and the modern, the emotional and the actual, realistic painting, vivid expression and bold outline, theory and painting skills. His works suggest the kernel of nature with an understanding the nature and makes his art works form an atmosphere of oriental art and modern trend. His paintings of abstract style. Wang’s paintings are not limited to bamboo but touch on landscape, flowers and birds, figure.

Location (Building): 
General Assembly (GA)
2nd Floor
Donor Country: 
Artist or Maker: 
Professor Wang Linxu
Diptych: 142 1.4 x 55 5/8 each
Donation Date: 
January 1, 2013