Kiswa, Curtain of Holy Kaaba, UNNY100G, 1983, Saudia Arabia

Kiswa, Curtain of Holy Kaaba

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The curtain a black pure silk cloth embroidered in gold and silver threads originally hung at the door of the Holy Kaaba in Makkah formerly known as Mecca.  It measures 3.20 by 6.20 meters (10.5 feet X 20.36 feet) and is mounted on a frame 4.75 X 7.70 meters (15.6 X 25.3 feet)  The embroidery includes verses from the Koran.  Curtains like the one presented as a gift to the United Nations have covered the door of the holy Kaaba for centuries and are periodically changed. They are handcrafted by Saudi Arabian professional artisans in a special workshop in the Holy city of Mecca Makkah.


Location (Building): 
General Assembly (GA)
2nd Floor
Donor Country: 
Saudi Arabia
Artist or Maker: 
A. Bajnaid Mohammed Salem
276 x 126 in.
Donation Date: 
January 18, 1983