Black Pebbles, UNNY192G, 1952, Greece

Black Pebbles

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The original pebbles arrived at UN Headquarters in August 1952. The architects originally planned to decorate the floor of the fountain with an alternating pattern of black and white pebbles.  The black pebbles, however, were very hard to find.  The Governor-General of the Dodecanese Islands sent a sample of the black and white pebble mosaics used in Lindos, a small town on the island of Rhodes. When the offer was accepted, the wives of local fishermen worked for one month to gather 760 sacks of black pebbles from the shallow waters off the coast of Rhodes.

In late 1998, Facilities Management Services did a project to re-waterproof the fountain. Greece again donated the stones. On May 6, 1998 a container load of 35 tons of black and white pebbles left Greece for the United States.  The Fountain was completed in August and a ceremony with the President of Greece was requested for the first week of September.  

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Exterior Ground
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Architects of the UN
Exterior Ground Floor: 
Secretariat Plaza Fountain