Balbaly Stone Images, UNNY196G, 1995, Kazakhstan

Balbaly Stone Images

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Picture based on the principle of perspective depiction.  Three large figures of stone sculptures as if coming from the depth towards the viewer.  The images of clouds, mountains, ground and animals taken separately are a silhouette" but by means of universal orientation they actively participate in the organization of the perspective.  The work is done in the traditional technique of the artistic treatment of leather: stamping linear relief deep picture and schematic depiction.  The leather was dyed with vegetable dyes.  This work brings to us echoes of ancient times.  Such places where there were "balbaly" (stone images) served in antiquity as tribal sanctuaries some kind of cult temples.

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Conference Building (CB)
1st Floor
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Artist or Maker: 
Ikhanova, Amangul and Umbetov, Zhangir
35 x 36 in.
Donation Date: 
October 27, 1995