Arrival, UNNY242G, 2000, Ireland


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The bronze monument consists of a multitude of figures on a large ship (23' long) with three masts and two gangplanks. The 2 gangplanks and 3 ships masts disassemble from the ship resulting in 6 elements that fasten together to form the composition. The gangplank at the prow end has 7 figures; the gangplank at the stern end has 6 figures. The gangplanks are primarily cast bronze with fabricated sheet bronze for the underside and access panel (014). The access panels
are affixed by slot head stainless steel machine screws and measure approximately 7 ½ x 10 inches. The gangplanks have stainless steel reinforcement on the interior and stainless steel attachments for assembly to the ship and substrate. The masts are welded sheet bronze over stainless steel pipes and each has three (3) access panels that mechanically assemble with machine screws to the ship (019-021). The ship and figures on top of the ship consist of cast bronze that was manufactured in many sections and welded together. Many of the welds are visible and/or partly unfinished. Residual investment material on the insides of the figures indicates a lost-wax casting. The ship is reinforced on the interior with stainless steel plates and pipes (033-034). This internal armature continues below the bottom edge of the bronze casting and forms the mounting assembly. Cast Bronze Foundry, Dublin

Location (Building): 
Exterior Ground
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Artist or Maker: 
Behan, John
Exterior Ground Floor: 
North Garden
26 x 23 ft
Donation Date: 
December 1, 2000