Amaneciendo Verticalmente, UNNY224G, 1998, Uruguay

Amaneciendo Verticalmente

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The sculpture is constructed from reclaimed wood originally harvested in the late 1920s, which originally formed part of a tannery in Montevideo, Uruguay.  Two species of South American tropical hardwoods compose the inner core and outer facing: Lapacho and Curupay. Lapacho is commonly known as Brazilian Walnut or Ipe. Curupay is commonly known as Cebil.  The two woods have similar characteristics for shrinkage, tensile elasticity and rot resistance.  Both woods are extremely hard, with Janka Hardness ratings of about 3,500 lb.  The artist intentionally left most of the surface unaltered, leaving marks and stains from years of use and exposure.  A portion of the sculpture, forming an arc down one section of 2 sides and the end, has been routed and sanded smooth and recessed,  There are 12 courses of wood approximately 5" wide and 1 1/8" thick.  The routed and finished surface is 9/16" in thickness.  The construction of the sculpture includes a few visible mechanical fasteners and appears to have been primarily assembled using adhesive. The uppermost section of wood was attached with finishing nails, but these may be from a repair and not the original construction.

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Exterior Ground
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Pascale, Ricardo
31 x 62 x 7 7/8 in.
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December 4, 1998