Art Committee


The Arts Committee (AC) was originally established in 1967 as an advisory body to examine offers of works of art and make recommendations to the Secretary-General regarding their acceptance. At that time, this advisory body included both Secretariat officials and outside experts.

The current composition of the Arts Committee has no outside experts and includes 7 Secretariat members led by a Chairperson, the Under Secretary-General for DMSPC.


The purpose of the Arts Committee is to recommend to the Secretary-General the acceptance or rejection of the offers of official gifts to the United Nations by Member States. Furthermore, the Arts Committee assists with the implementation of policies and procedures for the appropriate management of these gifts.


  • Develop and promulgate the criteria to accept or reject official gifts to the United Nations. 
  • Act as an Advisory Board on the management of official gifts to the United Nations.
  • Review offers and recommend approval or rejection by the Secretary-General.
  • Recommend location where these gifts may be exhibited.
  • Review any request of changes by the donors and submit recommendations.
  • Review any other issues related to gifts that are not covered under the acceptance criteria