UNDSS personnel plays a vital role in enabling the safe conduct of UN operations, often in dangerous environments. We do this while ensuring the safety, security, and well-being of UN personnel, premises, and assets worldwide. We have exciting employment opportunities for committed safety and security professionals and support personnel in dynamic environments globally. 

The nature of our work

Our personnel perform a large range of functions, from ensuring the security of UN compounds, providing close protection services, and investigating incidents, to providing training on safety and security policies and procedures. Our staff identify security trends, develop security plans and ensure crisis preparedness. 

There are many types of role within UNDSS, requiring a diverse set of knowledge, skills and experience. These roles can be broadly grouped into three career streams, all of which are essential for the successful implementation of our mandate:

1.    Security Operations:  This stream is made up of specialised functions that require specific technical skills sets, knowledge and experience. Examples include Policy Officers, Threat Analysts, Physical Security Specialists, Aviation Risk Management, Training, and Fire Safety.

2.   Specialist Security Operations Support:  This stream includes core safety and security functions related to the Department’s operations. Examples of Security Operations functions include Security Management & Advisory Services, Uniformed Security, and Close Protection.

3.    Executive support:  This stream includes roles that exist across the UN system, such Budget & Finance, HR, Logistics, Communications etc.

Strength in diversity

We are fully committed to increasing both geographical and gender representation throughout our workforce across all levels and categories. Diversity contributes to more effective decision-making and problem-solving by providing a range of perspectives, expertise, and a more robust process for critical evaluation. It is also reflective of our global client base, their needs, and the membership of the United Nations system that we serve.

With respect to gender, we strive to:

  • Establish an inclusive and enabling organizational culture free from gender bias and discrimination;

  • Improve greater gender balance at all levels in UNDSS; and

  • Strengthen resilience through improved strategic planning for gender-responsive operations