DPA Funding

The Department is funded primarily through the UN regular budget. However, over the last few years, the Department has become increasingly reliant on extra-budgetary resources to rapidly respond to needs on the ground. Today, voluntary contributions fund about 40 per cent of DPA’s work. They help DPA respond to the increased demands for its services with the flexibility that preventive diplomacy and crisis response endeavours require; a large proportion of DPA's work is simply not predictable and, therefore, cannot be “budgeted” in the context of the Regular Budget.


The Multi-Year Appeal

DPA raises voluntary contributions through the Multi-Year Appeal (MYA), a resource-mobilization mechanism designed to increase the coherence of DPA's fundraising efforts and secure support for the less predictable, but no less crucial, parts of DPA’s work: the crisis response system, the network of Envoys and support to our 40 Special Political Missions, among others.

The MYA is a strategic and results-oriented document in full alignment with DPA’s Strategic Plan 2016-2019 (leafletthat provides the Department with a clear direction and a set of strategic goals building upon DPA’s mandate and guidance from the Secretary-General.

The MYA 2018-2019 lays out the priorities for the biennium, taking into account the Secretary-General’s vision and focus on prevention, and in line with DPA’s Strategic Plan for 2016-2019. Under the overarching priorities of the Strategic Plan, the MYA 2018-2019 puts emphasis on inclusive processes as part of setting the agenda for conflict prevention and as a cross-cutting theme in all areas of our work. The MYA continues investments in sustaining peace and further strengthening of partnerships and common agendas with regional and sub-regional organizations. 

For 2018-2019, the Department is requesting a total of $54 million with an appeal of $27 million per year, as per the breakdown presented in the table below. In addition, DPA is calling for $400,000 for the biennium to cover the needs of the Trust Fund for the Repertoire of the Practice of the Security Council.


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The Department produces a results-focused Annual Report to ensure accountability and enhance transparency for our donors that is published in the spring. The Annual Report provides details about the use of voluntary contributions, including financial data and reporting of the activities undertaken and the resulting achievements. The 2017 Annual Report details some of the progress made possible through the generous support of our partners and highlights achievements under the goals and objectives of our 2016-2019 Strategic Plan.

In addition, DPA prepares Quarterly Progress Updates on the Multi-Year Appeal (Q1), (Q2).


Official Development Assistance

Contributions to the MYA are ODA-eligible. In 2012, the Development Assistance Committee (DAC) of the Organization for Economic Cooperation (OECD) listed DPA as an Official Development Assistance (ODA)-eligible organization. This listing acknowledges that the bulk of DPA's preventive diplomacy work takes place in or for the benefit of developing countries, and that DPA services are related to political processes essential to their economic welfare.

Since then, donors have been able to meet their voluntary ODA targets when pledging funds to DPA and/or when funding Junior Professional Officers (JPOs). The channel code for reporting is 41148 UN DPA Trust Fund in Support of Political Affairs.


Junior Professional Officers (JPOs) in DPA

In addition to providing direct financial resources, donors fund 28 Junior Professional Officers (JPOs or Associate Experts). They are a vital resource, enhancing the Department’s capacity and ability to support activities. JPO assignments also provide a great opportunity for young professionals to be exposed to the political work of the United Nations.


For more information on the MYA, please contact Ms. Delphine Bost, Senior Officer for Donor Relations (bostd@un.org) and Ms. Nerea Sanchez Mateo, Program Officer for Donor Relations (sanchezmateo@un.org).