Geneva International Discussions

45th round of the Geneva International Discussions (GID), 10 October 2018

Following the non-extension of the mandate of the United Nations Observer Mission in Georgia in June 2009, the United Nations has continued to support the Geneva international discussions on security and stability and the return of internally displaced persons and refugees, which commenced on 15 October 2008 in Geneva in accordance with the six-point agreement of 12 August 2008 and implementing measures of 8 September 2008, following the hostilities of August 2008 (see S/2009/254, para. 5). In resolution 1866 (2009), the Security Council welcomed the beginning of the discussions and requested the Secretary-General, through his Special Representative, to continue to fully support the process. The discussions are co-chaired by the European Union, the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE) and the United Nations. The United Nations Representative to the Geneva International Discussions serves as the UN Co-Chair of the Discussions and works in consultation with the other Co-Chairs, and with support from her team, to prepare and facilitate the sessions of the Geneva International Discussions. The United Nations Representative and her team are also responsible for preparing, convening and facilitating the periodic meetings of the Gali Incident Prevention and Response Mechanism (IPRM) for Abkhazia. With regard to the latter, the UNRGID team maintains a hotline to facilitate timely communication and exchange of information among the parties on any issues of mutual concern.