Featured videos from across the United Nations

We've brought together a number of videos from across the United Nations. Click on these stories and explore the UN's founding, the impact it's had over 7 decades, and the challenges it continues to face.

'I am 70' - Tom Hoffman

The first instalment of the series features Mr. Tom Hoffman, a Holocaust survivor who speaks emotionally about how the war shaped his life and how the ideals of the United Nations serves as his inspiration.

'I am 70' - UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon

The second instalment features Mr. Ban Ki-moon, the Secretary-General of the United Nations who speaks about growing up in war-torn Korea, his role as Secretary-General, and his hope for the future.

'I am 70' - Dr. Usha Rai

The third instalment features Dr. Usha Rai, a doctor in India who speaks about the importance of educating girls, the need for woman working in the field of health, and the role that UN can play in both.

Fanfare for all Peoples

This film, set against the stirring words of the Preamble of the United Nations Charter, premiered to an audience of Heads of States from around the world. Fanfare incorporates six languages and incorporates cutting-edge drone footage and breathtaking aerial photography with an inspiring original symphonic score.

We the Peoples

Watch as Goodwill Ambassador and actor Michael Douglas reads excerpts from the UN Charter in celebration of the UN's 70 anniversary. Set to images from across the globe.

The UN at 70

View this compelling video and travel through the decades — watching the UN at work around the globe.

The UN for You

Take an 'animated' look at the many ways the UN has been helping those in need for 70 years.

The Journey of Women's Rights

This short video, produced by UN Women, captures the key moments of the women's movement globally.

At the Frontlines of Conflict

Take a closer look at how UN Peacekeeping has evolved over the decades. And click here to learn more about UN Peacekeeping

The Indigenous and the UN: 70 Years of Partnership

Watch how the UN has influenced the lives of millions of indigenous people through the decades in "70 years of development in 70 seconds"

Celebrating the UN Charter

Watch this video and take a trip to the birthplace of the UN Charter where the UN's founding principles were commemorated seventy years later to the day.