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Welcome to the SDG Book Club Blog where we feature stories from book clubs from around the world!

Reading is a great way to better understand what people from across the globe struggle with in their everyday lives, and it helps us reflect on our own situation. But reading is just the first step: now it’s time to share your book club experiences and how you plan to take action. Each month, we will feature a couple of book clubs on our blog, so get ready to share your story through social media, by using #SDGBookClub and tagging @UNPublications.

We appreciate your participation, and admire you for taking the initiative to educate your communities about the Sustainable Development Goals. It is important that we all participateto help make this world a better place for everyone.

SDG Book Club Serbia at Pozega

As an initiative of Pozega Public Library, librarian Daniela Skokovic and Marija Jevericic, professor of Serbian language at Gymnasium "Sveti Sava", started activities dedicated to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in their newly established “SDG Book Club Serbia“ for first year high school students. The goals of the Book Club are to promote the SDGs among teenagers, educate them, and improve their reading competencies. Together, they created a reading list of books dealing with topics of hunger and poverty. Students work in groups of four to five, give their recommendations, read books and write brief summaries which they then translate [...]

The SDG Book Club at Merchiston Castle School

As the librarian at the Spawforth Library at Merchiston Castle School, United Kingdom, I am delighted to be taking part in the Sustainable Development Goals Book Club. This initiative was suggested to me by Dr. Richard Lilley, one of our teachers of biology, and was something I was more than happy to support and promote. Within the library I aim to provide a space for not only reading, but for learning through questioning and exploring, and the SDG Book Club has fitted well into this mindset.  In a specially allocated and prominent space within the library I have created a [...]

The BrainGyan Foundation

At the BrainGyan book club, we aim to foster a lifelong love for reading. We believe that stories are magical, expand a child’s imagination, create natural curiosity, and accelerate their emotional development. We want to make them understand their role in the future of the planet as an individual, a team player, and a global citizen. We have started our book club in the month of April 2019, with the SDG Book Club guidelines. Currently, we have conducted three story sessions for kids and one awareness session to make parents understand the aim of our SDG Book Club. We [...]

The Fathi Initiative

The Fathi Initiative is an independent, non-profit organization, based in the Horn of Africa, that aims to bring solutions and raise awareness to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Our goal is for every young Somali boy and girl to not only understand what the SDGs are about, but to be able to digest, personalize and spread its core values to other people within their community. The United Nations has launched a new book club initiative revolving around the SDGs. The aim of this book club is to teach children all about building a sustainable world for the future and to raise [...]

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