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UN-backed platforms show greenhouse gas emission reductions surpass global emissions of iron and steel sector

A new report by Yale University finds that the combined greenhouse gas emission reduction commitments recorded in two United Nations-backed platforms by cities, regions and companies alone surpasses the global emissions of the iron and steel sector.

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What I expect from the UN Climate Change Conference in Paris

Climate change carries no passport; emissions released anywhere contribute to the problem everywhere. It is a threat to lives and livelihoods everywhere. Economic stability and the security of nations are under threat. Only through the United Nations can we respond collectively to this quintessentially global issue.

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COP21 must be turning point to ‘climate-resilient future,’ UN official says

The United Nations climate change conference must be the turning point towards a low-emission, climate-resilient future, the top UN official dealing with climate issues said today just days before the start of the international gathering in Paris, France.

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Deforestation slows, ”but we need to do better” on sustainable forest use – UN agriculture chief

While the world''s forests continue to shrink as populations increase and woodlands are converted to agriculture and other uses, over the past 25 years, the rate of net global deforestation has slowed down by more than 50 per cent, the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) said in a report published today.

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Robert Redford urges youth to join battle against climate change before it is too late

“Only by acting now and standing together behind a universal climate agreement can we live up to the UN’s founding promise. Only by acting now and standing together can we achieve the results we need in the time we have left. Only by acting now and standing together can we tip the scales and change the course of history.”

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