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Frieda – The Universal Message of the Sustainable Development Goals

Storytelling is a powerful communications tool that helps children remember lessons and virtues that they will use in everyday life. The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) can be complex and diverse topics to teach children – an audience that are our greatest hope in achieving them.

2019-12-24T05:01:10-05:0024 Dec 2019|Featured, Student Resources|

“COP25 Must Change the Course of Climate Action and Ambition” – High-Level Segment Kicks Off

The High-Level Segment of the UN Climate Change Conference COP25 (to 13 December) kicked off today, with urgent reminders that the international community is running out of time to effectively tackle the climate crisis and must change course and step up ambition in order to prevent the worst climate impacts.

2019-12-10T10:15:16-05:0010 Dec 2019|Featured, Goal 13: Climate Action, News, Press material|

Internet Governance Forum: We must act now to tackle the threats of cyberspace

Global efforts need to be stepped up to address an increase in cross-border cyberattacks, hate speech and security breaches, according to the more than 6,000 delegates that took part in the Internet Governance Forum (IGF) that concluded today in Berlin.

In the face of increasing digital divides and cyberattacks, UN Chief calls for transforming the Internet as a powerful force for good

Calling for collective responsibility to face the challenges of nefarious use of digital technology, United Nations Secretary-General António Guterres told  the fourteenth Internet Governance Forum in Berlin, Germany, that the growing frequency and severity of cyber-attacks are undermining trust and encouraging States to adopt offensive postures for the hostile use of cyberspace.

World TV Day: A Look at UN Partnerships with the Entertainment Industry in 2019

World TV Day is celebrated on 21 November each year in recognition of the impact television has on our lives and its potential to influence decision making. In 2019, the United Nations was proud to collaborate with the entertainment industry on three TV-related projects promoting the Sustainable Development Goals to young people and the young-at-heart around the world.

Stories from the Field: Digital Transformation Key Driver in Social Reform and Growth

Some African nations lead the world’s e-money businesses. Several are finding that leaving notes and coins behind is not only improving efficiency, safety and transparency, but it is also helping many people leave poverty behind. In 2018, the Senegalese government launched a payment digitization agenda to promote financial and social inclusion through tech.

2019-11-05T16:30:42-05:0005 Nov 2019|Featured, Stories from the Field|

SDG Media Zone @ UNGA74: Day 3

Held on the sidelines of the General Assembly at the UN Headquarters in New York, the SDG Media Zone engages experts, innovators, content creators, young leader, and personalities to highlight actions and solutions in support of the Sustainable Development Goals. Day 3 was filled with engaging panels covering a broad range of topics – see them all below.

2019-09-26T08:25:54-04:0026 Sep 2019|Featured, News, SDG Media Zone|

SDG Media Zone @ UNGA74: Day 1 – Climate Action Summit

Held on the sidelines of the General Assembly at the UN Headquarters in New York, the SDG Media Zone engages experts, innovators, content creators, young leader, and personalities to highlight actions and solutions in support of the Sustainable Development Goals. Day 1, focused on the Climate Action Summit.

2019-09-24T12:52:30-04:0023 Sep 2019|Featured, News, SDG Media Zone|

Climate Change and Migration in Vulnerable Countries

What is new in the relationship between migration and the environment is that the world is grappling with the devastating impacts of climate change. With greater awareness came increased political recognition and there is now a widespread consensus on the need to address the adverse impacts of climate change on the migration of people now and in the future.

2019-09-03T18:34:44-04:0003 Sep 2019|Goal of the Month|

For the Least Developed Countries, Revitalising Multilateralism is Life or Death – Op-Ed

ew would deny that the international system governing the environment and economy is under pressure. Globalisation itself is wobbling, to the chagrin of governments in rich and emerging economies. What's less talked about is the effect on the world's 47 least developed countries (LDCs), home to a billion people, a quarter of whom live in extreme poverty.

2019-09-08T10:44:46-04:0029 Aug 2019|Press material|

Sustainable Development Goals Fleet Greets Greta Thunberg in NYC Harbor

Greta Thunberg, the 16-year-old Swedish climate activist and Nobel Peace Prize nominee, sailed into New York Harbor today, flanked by a fleet of 17 sailboats representing each of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) on their sails. Thunberg is arriving to participate in the Youth Climate Summit and the Climate Action Summit at the United Nations Headquarters on 23 September.

2019-08-29T08:30:39-04:0028 Aug 2019|Goal 13: Climate Action, News, Press material|

Responding to demand, UN opens additional places at Climate Action Summit for civil society; issues call for applications

The United Nations has opened additional places for civil society groups to participate in the 2019 Climate Action Summit, in recognition of the crucial role of civil society in driving forward urgent climate action.

2019-08-27T17:21:30-04:0027 Aug 2019|Goal 13: Climate Action, Press material|