As an initiative of Pozega Public Library, librarian Daniela Skokovic and Marija Jevericic, professor of Serbian language at Gymnasium “Sveti Sava”, started activities dedicated to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in their newly established “SDG Book Club Serbia“ for first year high school students.

The goals of the Book Club are to promote the SDGs among teenagers, educate them, and improve their reading competencies. Together, they created a reading list of books dealing with topics of hunger and poverty. Students work in groups of four to five, give their recommendations, read books and write brief summaries which they then translate into English. They plan to translate all summaries into other foreign languages that they are learning at school (French, German). They discuss all books in groups and prepare presentations for other students.

The second phase of the project is even more interactive. The teenagers collaborate with other professors and create picture books about the SDGs. They found inspiration in a project by their friends from Germany who created bilingual picture books and shared their experience with them. In a next step, the children will formulate questions about the SDGs and give their responses verbally and as illustrations.

All updates about activities are published in an open “SDG Book Club Serbia“ group on social media using a hashtag where librarians, professors and students collaborate as moderators and admins.

“Our future activities will involve more teenagers and the whole local community, so the next step is to work on visibility of our project and spreading ideas about SDGs in our town and region.“

Daniela Skokovic, Library Advisor, Pozega Public Library, Serbia