As the librarian at the Spawforth Library at Merchiston Castle School, United Kingdom, I am delighted to be taking part in the Sustainable Development Goals Book Club. This initiative was suggested to me by Dr. Richard Lilley, one of our teachers of biology, and was something I was more than happy to support and promote. Within the library I aim to provide a space for not only reading, but for learning through questioning and exploring, and the SDG Book Club has fitted well into this mindset. 

In a specially allocated and prominent space within the library I have created a display themed each month for the current goal. Using coloured backdrops and resources taken from the SDG website, the books from the reading list are promoted and accessible. Although the books are aimed at junior year groups, they have all been incredibly well chosen and they have been appreciated by all, not only because of the valuable messages conveyed, but because of the beautiful illustrations which draw in both readers and those being read to. Storytelling is a wonderful tool for enabling participation and group discussion and thus allowing for increased awareness of each of the monthly goals. I have included in the displays books from the reading lists of the other member nations as within our school we teach modern languages and the SDG Book Club has facilitated collaboration and support across the departments through topical reading. 

We have also interacted with other schools through the #SDGBookClub hashtag on social media, and take the time to share our displays with others taking part. Out with the library, the Sustainable Development Goals have been spoken about in school assemblies, Science and English lessons, and in committee meetings. The SDG Book Club is promoting awareness and discussion in essential topics and showing young people the issues faced by many in the world today, and that they do have the power to take steps in changing the world, to fight to end poverty and inequality and tackle climate change. I am glad to be a part of the incentive to make the world a better place. 

Rachel Gibb Librarian, Merchiston Castle School, Edinburgh.