At the BrainGyan book club, we aim to foster a lifelong love for reading. We believe that stories are magical, expand a child’s imagination, create natural curiosity, and accelerate their emotional development. We want to make them understand their role in the future of the planet as an individual, a team player, and a global citizen.

We have started our book club in the month of April 2019, with the SDG Book Club guidelines. Currently, we have conducted three story sessions for kids and one awareness session to make parents understand the aim of our SDG Book Club. We teach kids about the 17 Sustainable Development Goals through books recommended by the SDG Book Club, while also educating kids about the rich cultural heritage of India through books, activities, and games. We ask kids to act on the stories as this develops their confidence in public speaking. Along with this, we also teach them various memory techniques which helps them to remember and memorize faster.

Besides story session, we are currently doing research on Indian children’s books, which are in the regional language and talk about the SDGs, so we can reach and teach a maximum amount of people and spread the global goals. We would like to further expand ourselves by arranging readings in public and private libraries, schools, and creating street plays for the SDGs’ awareness.

We are thankful to the UN SDG Book Club for this nice initiative. Your recommended guidelines and books are really beautiful and develop the interest of kids and make it easier to teach them about the 17 Sustainable Development Goals.